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Speaking and Workshops

In speaking circles, Gary Lim is known for his ability to get attendees and clients to see their major issues, and to move them to action. Topics delivered by Gary are available for

  • Keynote speeches
  • Conference sessions
  • Training seminars
  • Workshops

A sample of sessions is listed below. For more details, contact Gary directly.

The Road to Gumption
  Learn the methodology of creating change in your life to achieve balance, based on Gary's book The Road to Gumption: Using Your Inner Courage to Balance Your Work and Personal Life. The 11 Rules of Gumption and The 5 P's of Change also apply to many business or personal situations where change is needed or desired.

The Road to Business Gumption
  A customized 4-hour session for businesses, focused on applying the 5 Ps of Change™ and the Rules of Gumption™ to create a culture of change within a company or organization. Attendees of the seminar apply the concepts directly to their organization's internal issues and priorities.

Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity
  Using the FORE metaphor from Gary's second book Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity and Keep Your Company Soaring, learn the iterative cycle that creates the culture in your company for growth and success. The Laws of Business Gravity are always trying to pull your company down. Learn how to defy those laws and keep your company soaring!

Sell Your Ideas Internally
  We all have ideas to improve our organizations and even our bottom lines. But it's not a given to gain internal support for those ideas, especially when you need the buy-in of others in your organization to implement them. Learn the 3C's and the 4I's that can help you focus your ideas and convince others to follow your lead.

Comments from Attendees of Past Seminars

“Great session! Engaging leader.” J.L., Microsoft Corp.

“Gary had an easy-to-understand, comprehensive teaching style, and he was professional with his presentation and presentation materials.” A.H., Stahl Scott Fetzer Co.

“Very well organized. Clear, concise, and compelling presentations. Gary has high knowledge in his field!” B.P., Mentor Corp.

“Excellent presenter in his field. His experience and clearly organized materials were evident throughout the seminar.” A.M., Eye Lighting International

“Gary is an excellent speaker; very well organized, knowledgeable, humorous, and engaging.” J.B., Rexroth Corp.

“An outstanding seminar! Gary’s knowledge of the subject matter really added to my learning, and his fun attitude kept the days lively!” W.T., Timken Company

For more information, or to schedule a session:

Call 315-885-1532

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More Testimonials

“Not only was Gary informative, his approach also made the session fun!” R.H., SCO Inc.

“Excellent speaker.” D.B., Mitsubishi Corp.

“A great leader! Very professional, yet maintained an “informal” atmosphere. Good sense of humor – very knowledgeable.” J.S., Educational Foundation

“Gary delivered a top-notch, thought provoking, idea generating seminar.” B.H., PMI Food Equipment Group

“An exceptional speaker. Very knowledgeable, involved others, listened to comments, encouraged us to have fun while learning.” K.K., Alzheimers Association

“Gary’s interjection and occasional humor added appropriate relief to keep me fresh for this intense learning session.” A.K., Rod McLennan Company

“A great facilitator.” B.K., BioRad Laboratories

“Very good seminar leader. Made me really think about things.” J.A., NI Industries Inc.

“Gary was stimulating, direct, and full of valuable information; would like to attend more of his future sessions.” S.H., Beck Flavors

“Excellent speaker and seminar.” S.D., Wrangler Corp.


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