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Consulting Services
Examples of Accomplishments

Corporate Sector

  • Advised on reorganization scenarios at the executive level of a privately held firm with $260MM revenues.
  • Successfully engaged long-term strategic planning process for 3rd-generation family firm.
  • Advised and developed organizational development and succession planning for closely-held firm.
  • With stakeholders, developed 3-year strategic business plan for niche manufacturing company.
  • Validated and refocused commercial product strategy for a high-tech government contractor.
  • Acquired and led turnaround of a service firm, with 5-fold increase in sales.
  • Realigned strategy for product line of a major forest products company.
  • Facilitated creation of new product strategy for healthcare provider company. Advised on reorganization issues.
  • Created and executed major upgrade strategy for telecommunications system product. Revenues doubled to almost $100 million.
  • At several different companies, led major product efforts through conception, development, and launch, for product lines that ranged in size from $20 million to $300 million.


  • For a regional leadership training organization, repositioned the strategic direction and focused the mission. Gained consensus and approval from its diverse 28-member Board of Directors.
  • Crafted the strategic plan for a regional cooperative extension organization. Gained consensus and approval from its diverse 25-member Board of Directors.

Higher Education

  • For the Office of the President, repositioned the strategy and implementation of an economic development initiative at a regional community college.
  • Coached and mentored a continuous improvement project team for the Vice President of Human Resources at a regional college.
  • Created two significant economic development initiatives related to technology development, through a research center located within a major private university.
  • Founded venture creation initiatives as part of the entrepreneurship program at the business school of a major private university.


Areas of Expertise

Strategy and Implementation

  • Create and fine-tune corporate and product strategies
  • Discover and assess revenue expansion opportunities
  • Develop implementation plan through internal and external stakeholders

Organizational Excellence

  • Create agile and savvy multicultural organizations
  • Build first-rate interdisciplinary teams
  • Provide executive and managerial coaching to achieve team objectives

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Client Comments

"One of the best at taking a complex situation and reducing it to a short list of critical issues to resolve." S.H., San Jose, CA

"Helped us see the way clear on what we needed to do to grow our company." A.R., East Syracuse, NY

"Gary is a master at making things 'clear, concise, and compelling.' He definitely practices what he preaches." S.D., Portland, OR

"Quickly understood our needs then provided solutions to the point where we no longer had to worry at all about that aspect of our business." R.M., Santa Clara, CA

"A highly skilled strategist." D.S., Syracuse, NY

"His plan was complete and right on target. I couldn't even think of a single thing to add!" G.F., Houston, TX

"Zeroed in on the organizational and product issues we needed to fix, and gave us clear recommendations for strategies to fix them." B.R., Harrisburg, PA

"Delivered on his objectives as promised, in the timeframe promised." J.G., DeWitt, NY

"Bringing [Gary] in saved us probably $75,000 in potential wasted time and effort. I'm glad we did this project!" R.R., North Syracuse, NY

"Brought some interrelated issues into focus for me. He made effective and just plain sensible recommendations that I'll be implementing." J.S., Campbell, CA


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