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Aurarius LLC

Strategies to help organizations achieve their desired level of results.
Consulting Services

Strategy and implementation
Organizational excellence
Building effective interdisciplinary teams
Business process improvement

AgileXnt Zone

Be in the zone -- the agile and excellent zone

At The Top Advisory Services

Confidential "sounding board" services
For CEO's, owners, and senior executives
Vet new strategies privately


The Road to Gumption
The Road to Business Gumption
Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity
Sell Your Ideas Internally
Dive Into ACTION!

Books by Gary

The Road to Gumption: Using Your Inner Courage to Balance Your Work and Personal Life
(An Amazon #1 Bestseller in its category)

Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity and Keep Your Company Soaring

Dive into ACTION! Find Your Niche in Times of Uncertainty

Dive into ACTION! For Recent Graduates - Don't Be A Part of the Pack, Be Apart FROM the Pack

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